Terms & Conditions

Mata-Bali acts as a middle person between the holiday accommodation and the traveller, Mata-Bali is not the owner of the property therefore does not have the authority to make changes to property’s rules.

Each property have their own rules for:

  • Cancellation policy

  • Payment terms

  • Minimum night’s stay

  • Maximum occupancy

  • Services & facilities

  • Seasonal dates

Same goes with hiring the villa for a private event, each villa has their own rules for:

  • Maximum guests

  • Banjar fees

  • Event fees

  • Security deposit

Most these information can be viewed on our website, otherwise please email us at matabalievents@gmail.com for more.



We accept payments in IDR or USD via bank transfer, client is responsible for any bank fees. Kindly mention “All bank charges, including inward remittance


  1. The client is responsible for leaving the property in good order and in clean condition.

  2. The client further undertakes to pay any damages and losses incurred during occupation.

  3. The The Villa reserves the right to repossess the property if the client or a member of the client’s party has caused excessive damage.

  4. The The Villa is not responsible for any loss or damages to personal equipment and property during the client’s stay at the villa.



  1. Mata-Bali disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damages done by or to the The Villa during the client’s stay at the villa. Any dispute regarding this matter should be settled directly and between the client and the villa. Mata-Bali’s responsibility is limited to bookings and payment arrangements to the villa of the client’s own choosing.

  2. Mata-Bali will not accept responsibility for any injury, sickness, loss, damage, additional expense or inconvenience, directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of the use of the property, plumbing, gas, electrical or otherwise, and exceptional weather conditions. Further, no responsibility is accepted for the personal belongings, car, and its contents of the client or any member of the party during the holiday



If the client considers that he/she has cause for complaint concerning a property, the matter should be taken up with the Villa Manager who in turn will notify Mata-Bali. In such cases, if Mata-Bali considers the complaint valid, a partial refund may be offered. This will have to be discussed and approved by the relevant villa owner/manager and may take several weeks to finalize. No liability shall arise beyond the refund of the monies paid. Mata-Bali will not entertain claims lodged by the client upon departure or after return home when it is no longer possible to investigate the complaint effectively.